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Clean energy for
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Capabilities in conceptualizing, commissioning and operating of solar and bio-fuel projects


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Reshaping your energy solutions

India, home to 1.2 billion people and over 17% of the world's population, has a comprehensibly voracious appetite for energy. One punitive consequence of this meteoric growth is the widening gap between required energy and energy which is produced. India's power sector continues to be struggling for its infrastructure growth and overall development. Globally, the erosion of energy security, the threat of unsettling climate change, and the growing energy needs of the developing world pose major challenges to be faced.

The Solar Energy industry is experiencing change with the influx of subsidies, soft loans, accelerated depreciation, excise duty exemption, custom duty concession and other such incentives extended by the state and central government in India. India has abundant renewable resources in solar, hydro, biomass, and wind potential. The legal, policy, and regulatory environment is becoming more hospitable to the increase of renewables in the energy sector.

The Empergy Vision

Promote sustainable energy usage that spur economic growth and environmental protection in a global context − particularly in terms of reducing greenhouse−gas emissions that contribute to climate change

Plans and Projects

Empergy partners with different entities to provide the requisite expertise for the successful growth of Solar Energy business. The partnerships enable the entities to capitalize on the opportunity and leverage solar energy

Empergy Overview

Solar Industry is currently facing a situation that necessitates a systematic approach to create well−supported and objective plans. Organizations operating in the solar industry are focused on engaging globally proven


Empergy Solar Parks

Solar energy is one of the most promising energy resources of the twenty-first century. Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd is well-poised to harness the infinite powers of the sun in order to conveniently fulfil the energy requirements of your homes, offices, shops, entertainment centers and public places.

Empergy has installed Solar Parks with solar cells that has a combined capacity of over 222 MW and is ready to take on a much larger role. Empergy Solar Parks are installed on large expanses of land making the most of it by providing a sustainable, alternative energy solution. We provide cutting-edge technology and integrate it with global best practices to help meet the burgeoning energy demands of a country that is growing at a torrid pace. Use of fossil fuel is not sustainable in the long run for a country like India with a humungous population. Solar energy parks are rightly the way forward to power the millions of homes, offices and automobiles of the future. Know More >

Generation Scale Solar Projects

Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd is a promising player in the generation-scale solar energy projects. The insatiable energy requirements of tomorrow means there would be a surge in demand for energy at a heightened level than what it is today. Utilizing solar energy via generation-scale solar systems on a whole new level to power the energy-hungry homes and offices of tomorrow is the only viable solution.

Empergy has to its credit Solar Parks with solar cells that have a combined capacity of over 222 MW. Tapping the solar energy on a large scale puts lower pressure on fossil fuels and helps create a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Generation-scale solar systems vary from the normal distributed solar generation systems in that the former sells the energy to the utilities rather than end-users. Know More >



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