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Empergy Projects

Providing the requisite expertise for the successful growth of Solar Energy business

Empergy has been distinctive in its adherence to business ethics and commitment to provide comprehensive Solar based initiatives. The organization has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to consumer needs for affordable and dependable solar solutions. Empergy constantly analyzes solar needs to present a full range of industry leading products and services. This ingrained business approach into company's ethos is getting stronger with the emergent opportunities in the country.

Empergy is endorsing solar installations in the unutilized and barren land areas. By both concentrating and expanding the available resources, EMSPI project from Empergy creates a highly efficient center of competence and specialized knowledge. Empergy's team of highly qualified installers, with extensive knowledge and experience in this constantly changing industry, is providing expertise, professional crews and equipment to complete the project in the most economical, safe and timely fashion.

The project includes turn-key installation and commissioning of photovoltaic system at the facility. These solar parks have an allocated area of 100 acres of motorable road, access to 33 kV+ capacity sub-station, water for construction and cleaning. The infrastructure of the solar park includes sub-station yard, UG cabling, roads, security, storage, operation & maintenance, guest house etc.

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Chhattisgarh Solar PV Project

Empergy has a sizeable research and technological capability base, a growing manufacturing base and a countrywide infrastructure for the distribution and after-sales service of solar energy projects. The efforts initiated by Empergy to restructure the solar energy demand-supply program with market orientation are contributing significantly in accelerating the utilization of solar energy.

Limelight Capital, is setting up a Solar PV Project under REC scheme at Chhattisgarh state in the country, with assistance from Empergy. The system is expected to generate 30 lakh units of green power, which will be sold to private parties at market price. RECs generated out of electricity generation will be sold through energy exchanges. Overall system performance can be monitored through internet anywhere in the world. The system is designed to last for more than 25 years. Project has been funded through 100% equity by internal accruals. The project is under investment agreement with Chhattisgarh Government.

The Solar Energy project is initiated to implement the application of solar technology to provide energy solutions for electrification, especially for un-electrified remote census villages and areas. The project is being realized to develop and deploy specific electricity generation system and package based on solar recipiency of the state. With a view to encourage technology development and reduction in the cost of the project, Empergy is utilizing the state-of-the-art technology to set up the project. The system uses best of crystalline technology solar panels, high efficiency grid-tie inverters and galvanized steel support structures.

In the Phase-2 of the project that will commence in next financial year, a 222 MW Solar PV project in Chhattisgarh. Consequently, the Phase-3 plan proposes the installation of a 200 MW Solar PV project in Chhattisgarh. Post the Phase-3 of the project getting grid-connected, 3330 lakh units of electricity will be put into the grid annually. The total investment for the project is estimated to be INR 2200 Crores, for which multiple investors have already roped in.