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Clean energy for today and tomorrow

India is endowed with a vast solar energy potential, with recipiency of about 5,000 trillion kWh of energy per year, where most of the land areas receive 4-7 kWh per square meter per day. It is high time to adopt technologies relying upon direct absorption or conversion of solar energy as a sustainable source for energy. The challenge is to improve energy security, while minimizing the high emission rates.

With an objective to have a transition to a low−carbon energy future, Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in India in April 2011. Empergy collaborates with the national and state missions on solar energy to bid for solar projects across the country to set up Utility Scale Solar PV projects and Off-grid / Rooftop Solar PV projects.

Present methods of electricity generation are unsustainable and contribute to global warming. Empergy is incepted to be a socially responsible enterprise by contributing to the big picture of developing a green earth for a better future. Empergy is focused on engaging globally proven and integrated technologies for solar and bio-fuel projects to address the challenges of energy security and climate change, while also meeting the growing energy needs of India. With enhanced international co−operation for researching, developing, sharing and transferring technologies, Empergy has garnered proven capabilities in conceptualizing, commissioning and operating of solar and bio-fuel projects with expertise in areas like project management and financial resources.

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