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Generation Scale Solar Projects

Improving and Accelerating the solar energy utilization

Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd is a promising player in the generation-scale solar energy projects. The insatiable energy requirements of tomorrow means there would be a surge in demand for energy at a heightened level than what it is today. Utilizing solar energy via generation-scale solar systems on a whole new level to power the energy-hungry homes and offices of tomorrow is the only viable solution.

Empergy has to its credit Solar Parks with solar cells that have a combined capacity of over 222 MW. Tapping the solar energy on a large scale puts lower pressure on fossil fuels and helps create a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Generation-scale solar systems vary from the normal distributed solar generation systems in that the former sells the energy to the utilities rather than end-users.

It needs deep domain expertise with the right technology and trained personnel to generate solar energy on a large-scale to meet the energy demands of the world’s second most populous nation. This is where Empergy’s expertise comes into the picture. We have a highly-trained team of personal that can take on any challenge and deliver stellar results.

Our highly sophisticated equipments and cutting-edge technology can help to deliver coveted results in a time-bound fashion. We deliver turnkey solar power systems, commissioning of photovoltaic cells, access to 33KV+ capacity substations, underground cabling, and all the facilities needed to successful operate a solar park like storage, security, maintenance, repair and so on.

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