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Developing a Green Earth for a Better Future

Solar Industry is currently facing a situation that necessitates a systematic approach to create well−supported and objective plans. Organizations operating in the solar industry are focused on engaging globally proven and integrated technologies for solar projects. This helps in addressing the challenges of energy security and climate change, while also meeting the growing energy needs of world. Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd persistently assesses and revises its centralized service portfolio to deal with significantly grander complexities of solar industry.

In view of the business dynamics, Empergy has assimilated resolve of the basic long−term goals and objectives of an enterprise. Empergy extracts value from assets and investment to intensify competition and secure returns, while reducing financial uncertainty. Structuring its ability to create and capture value based on the strength of competition; the company has adopted operative courses of action, allocation of resources and assets necessary for sustainable competitive advantages.


Company Profile
Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd : Reshaping Energy Solutions

India is endowed with a vast solar energy potential, with recipiency of about 5,000 trillion kWh of energy per year, where most of the land areas receive 4-7 kWh per square meter per day. It is high time to adopt technologies relying upon direct absorption or conversion of solar energy as a sustainable source for energy. The challenge is to improve energy security, while minimizing the high emission rates.

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Vision and Mission
Developing a Green Earth for a Better Future


Promote sustainable energy usage that spur economic growth and environmental protection in a global context − particularly in terms of reducing greenhouse−gas emissions that contribute to climate change

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Community Initiatives
Amvensys Foundation : Improving the Quality of life for a Better Future!

The Amvensys Foundation is formed to fund charitable causes for education and poverty with support from community−based organizations, national organizations and the Foundation's affiliated companies. The Foundation is aimed to play a sustainable role in encouraging and fostering education to empower indigent children and youth in the society by the giving of scholarships and grants to youths interested in higher learning and to provide grants to organizations who share our mission.

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