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Empergy Solar Parks

Improving and Accelerating the solar energy utilization

Solar energy is one of the most promising energy resources of the twenty-first century. Empergy Power and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd is well-poised to harness the infinite powers of the sun in order to conveniently fulfil the energy requirements of your homes, offices, shops, entertainment centers, and public places.

Empergy has installed Solar Parks with solar cells that has a combined capacity of over 222 MW and is ready to take on a much larger role. Empergy Solar Parks are installed on large expanses of land making the most of it by providing a sustainable, alternative energy solution. We provide cutting-edge technology and integrate it with global best practices to help meet the burgeoning energy demands of a country that is growing at a torrid pace. Use of fossil fuel is not sustainable in the long run for a country like India with a humungous population. Solar energy parks are rightly the way forward to power the millions of homes, offices and automobiles of the future.

Our team of highly qualified professionals helps to create an efficient center of competence and specialized knowledge. Our industry-leading expertise, professional crew and equipments can complete solar energy projects in the most economical, timely and convincing manner.

At our Solar Parks we undertake turnkey solar installations, commissioning of photovoltaic systems on large tracts of land. The infrastructure that we provide includes motorable roads, access to 33KV+ capacity substations, substation yard, underground cabling, and security, water for construction and cleaning, storage, operation, maintenance and so on. In short, we offer an end-to-end solution for all your solar energy needs.

We also have a growing manufacturing unit and our nationwide infrastructure and network can help you in your effort of distribution and after-sales service of solar energy solutions. The effort of Empergy in order to streamline the demand-supply dynamics of solar energy can help to create a market-oriented system that can significantly alter, improve and accelerate the solar energy utilization in the country.

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