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Community Initiatives

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The Graduate Gateway is formed to fund charitable causes for education and poverty with support from community−based organizations, national organizations and the Foundation's affiliated companies. The Foundation is aimed to play a sustainable role in encouraging and fostering education to empower indigent children and youth in the society by the giving of scholarships and grants to youths interested in higher learning and to provide grants to organizations who share our mission.

Linking business competitiveness of the corporate with social development initiatives, the Foundation is acting as a catalyst for change in the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and citizens to eliminate poverty through education. The Foundation is a non−profit subsidiary of ACG, which strongly believes that education is an integral part of social fabric and works towards supporting basic education and literacy amongst the impoverished children and youth.

The Foundation is still in the developmental and planning stage. However, within three months of incorporation, we have partnered with the literacy organization Room to Read. Thus far, we've donated $5,000 to build a complete library for school children in a developing world. Our employees have also been hands−on by participating in a book drive hosted by the Foundation. All proceeds from the book drive have been donated to Room to Read. We will continue to build collaborations with other organizations and corporate vendors with the ultimate goal of always giving back to those in need.

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